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Thor's Hammer From DST Is Marvel Bottle Opener
bottle package

You probably discover that very few superheroes use bottle openers. Cap and Spidey have super-strong thumbs, Wolverine has his claws, Iron Man definitely has that function built into his suit (he may even have a corkscrew), and Hawkeye probably has a trick arrow that does the job. How about Thor? He just breaks the top of the bottle off on a table and drinks from the jagged remnant.

Us mortals, though, we prefer trinkets. And DST knows this all too well. So starting in early 2012, DST will release a series of Marvel Comics-based bottle openers to comic shops and specialty stores, beginning with the Mighty Thor's hammer.


Look for Mjolnir to drop just after the New Year, but be warned: Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be thirsty, shall possess the power of Thor!


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