NFL Series 33 delivers one of the most content relevant line-ups in years, with six SportsPicks debuts (out of the seven figure line-up), including legendary NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin. Making his return to the line-up is Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in an all-new pose. Two of the top young wide receivers in the league, Cincinnati's AJ Green and Atlanta's Julio Jones, make their SportsPicks debuts, Jones in his Falcons red jersey while Green will be wearing his Bengals home black jersey. Also making their SportsPicks debuts in 2013 are Seattle's quarterback Russell Wilson, San Francisco's quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and Houston's defensive end JJ Watt; Wilson will be depicted in his blue Seahawks uniform, while Kaepernick will be sporting his home red 49er's uniform, and Watt in his red Texas uniform. An NFL legend is back, Dallas' wide receiver Michael Irvin. One of the greatest WRs in Cowboys history, Irvin will be wearing his home Cowboys uniform in a traditional Irvin pose.
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